Fintech Ltd is a binary options robot created by Daniel Roberts, a prominent financier. This software has several unique features other than the regular features found in other binary options software. These unique features are the one that makes it stand out in the crowd. The founder has created this software with only one thing in mind – changing life for the better. His ambition is to create a platform that gives equal opportunities to people of different backgrounds so that they get the monetary satisfaction they require.

How It Started

Mr. Daniel Roberts was initially operating a firm that analyzed business data for many companies. One day, when he came to know that one of his employees (an analyst) lost money in the binary options scam, he started his research on the same. After a lot of trial and a couple of years in the research, he created a binary options investment solution, Fintech Ltd.

Services offered

As discussed, Fintech Ltd is an automated binary options software that is capable of generating trading signals for its clients. It allows the user to make settings so that the software does trading on behalf of the user. By making use of the complicated algorithms, this software provides maximum benefit by minimizing risk.

The dedicated customer support team is available to the members 24/7. Their customer support is the best and supports customers around the clock.

Special Features

Fintech Ltd is different from other binary options robots on the market with a variety of features. It thus provides lots of opportunities to the traders by allowing them to build strategies and take control of their whole trading process. Here are some of its’ special features.

  • Trading Modes: Fintech Ltd. Offers two modes of trading – automated and manual. As people can work in both the modes, it is an excellent way to build strategies flexibly.
  • Risk Level: If a trader has the appetite to take the risk, then he can set a higher risk level or he can opt for a lower risk level. This is a great feature.
  • Reverse Trading: When the trading signals do not seem to be good, the system allows users to trade in the other direction. This is an added advantage and gives a lot of control to the user.

Accomplishment of the Company

The return on investment of this company is around 80% and people have generated smooth profits by using this binary options software. The company also clearly and honestly states that the users cannot become billionaires in one day by using their software but it is possible to achieve a steady and solid profit. This is completely in contrast with the promises made by other companies.


Fintech Ltd. has great potential to allow traders make great profits. People who are serious about making profits through binary options systems must certainly opt for this system.

Fintech LTD – An Introduction